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As a die hard #RedSox fan, a die hard Baseball fan, a member of Red Sox nation. I’ve been lucky enough to see… https://t.co/CqRxYrYedG
If the @Mets screw up David Wright's last game, and don't let him have his proper sendoff, Saturday the 29th of Sep… https://t.co/S8gGBdyoHr
I think this is going to be an emotional week in sports. #TigerWoods #DavidWright ⛳️⚾️
Repugnant ownership aside we will be having #DavidWright day this Saturday. 'Nuff said. #LGM https://t.co/gNi9QP2FDs
Thank you for saying there will be crying - I didn’t wanna embarrass myself but now I don’t care! 😩 #Mets… https://t.co/Mzd6BFeDiB
The next time the Mets play a baseball game #DavidWright will be on the active roster. #Tooemotionalforthis
Now for 6 more games on the active roster at the intersection of 126th street and Roosevelt ave...... #LGM… https://t.co/RkfrfcanGi
went to Seattle to see the only @Yankees lost in that series. Yesterday, I went to DC to witness the only @Mets los… https://t.co/cyt6vzPTth
Mickey looks like he’s saying to himself, we ain’t going anywhere this season, so let’s just sit back, chill and en… https://t.co/KwImAu961H
@Miss_Met Gotta love this guy, one of the best Mets ever, on and off of the field ! #DavidWright
Do you have one of these? Can't remember if we just made samples back in 2013. The blue version was our outing shir… https://t.co/luc1QRJBHr
Just a couple of Arkansans in DC for the weekend to see the Mets play. Trying to squeeze in all things DC tourist.… https://t.co/O3LkG7nhOE
@JonHeyman should be reporting soon @mets trade #DavidWright for PTBNL. Don't want that $2M hit on the 29th.
Dear @Mets ... This is spot on. Please send the Captain out the right way! #DavidWright https://t.co/U72JjVU6SK
@Mets Why not let #Davidwright take his last at Bat in the Nationals Park for the Washington Fans
Thanks to ⁦@geoffsito⁩ iv had the urge to chill out with this before the game this evening… https://t.co/aSCJsVAWHB

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