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#bobbymorris - the #history of the land is etched in the faces of the #farmers who till it - Rural Wisdom
Take a pub crawl through 12 Pennsylvania taverns with rebellious pasts, where the stakes were high and the rum was… https://t.co/CY49juCSWZ
Most do not stand up for themselves and for the productive achievements that they earned. Thereby, indi… https://t.co/WhO0weGBtf
No one knows what he looked like or even the location of his final resting place. https://t.co/m97aGiYqkB

#military #history
February 23rd in 1917 First demonstrations in Saint Petersburg Russia #date #facts #history #datefacts
With the Ching Dynasty Collection, you will marvel again and again at the intricate decoration of these works of Ch… https://t.co/RLlUK1Wokk
Today in the Early American Press… an adorable case for neutrality. A “Political Fable” in the Gazette of the U.S.… https://t.co/lpLZfpbqer
Growing up #gay mid 20th century & its aftermath into later life. My #truestory of #sexual repression is also a soc… https://t.co/VU198ZlDPl
Battle of Moores Creek Bridge anniversary event planned for this weekend in Currie, North Carolina -… https://t.co/0u4AHfyjVg
Black History Trail Makes 200 Stops Across #Massachusetts. Tufts Univ Profs Kendra Field @fieldkendra & Kerri Green… https://t.co/RbxzOiJzWM
21. STOP! I know some of you want to talk about #PotHoles * I’m going to settle on #BlackExcellence #MayorAjaBrown… https://t.co/XeAIgFl8L1
21. STOP! I know some of you want to talk about #PotHoles * I’m going to settle on #BlackExcellence #MayorAjaBrown… https://t.co/AjuQJ2KNSw
In 1842 Britain opened five treaty ports to foreign merchants, and ceded Hong Kong Island to the British Empire.… https://t.co/cC83MyASWv
In 1600, an especially catastrophic volcano in Peru wiped out a third of Russia's population (more than 8,000 miles… https://t.co/u0wPJlC0NL
🌎🌎Geologically, the Grand Canyon is significant because of the thick sequence of ancient rocks, well preserved and… https://t.co/ncSRvB4Y4Z
8,000,000 alone died in Hispaniola while he was governor: 99% of the
population. B… https://t.co/FmIAbNOwLo
The struggle between Edward and Richard is a recounting of themes that occur time after time in literature and hist… https://t.co/fTlhO884ZW
In 1451 Robert Robertson captured and arrested the murders of King James I of Scotland.
https://t.co/x4ldPvn3kP… https://t.co/FQQmypY0kX
“A Living History Museum”

Check out this video to see what @ToraAirShows has in store for the 2019 Yuma Airshow!… https://t.co/XXvQTHmho8
I had such a great time at the Okanagan Zone Pro D at @RSSKelowna where we focused on #wellness. This is my creatio… https://t.co/SH3eDQN9OJ

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