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Banner Faculty Grade Entry- Victoria College How to Enter your Midterm and Final Grades into Banner XE. Demonstrates how to copy and paste from an Excel spreadsheet.
Moodle Grade Book - Best Practices for Students This video will illustrate how students can track their scores in Moodle using the Moodle Gradebook.
Uploading a File in Moodle This video demonstrates how to upload a file to Moodle.
Navigating Moodle at Nash Online This video walks students through some of the basic Moodle skills that should help them be successful in an online course.
Accessing and Using Your Google Drive at Nash CC This video demonstrates how students can access and use their Google Drive to save files for their courses while attending Nash Community College.
Using Moodle Quizzes as Formative Assessment This video demonstrates how to use the Moodle quiz report - "Statistics" to identify objectives where students are struggling.
Finding and adopting oer with CanvasCommons, OpenStax, and Saylor Please join the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) for a free, open CCCOER Logowebinar on finding the most recently updated open textbooks, open courses, and...
Accessing the Keys to Success Course This video is for students at Academic Progress Standards Alert 1 status. The tutorial will guide students through the steps of logging into Moodle, accessing the Keys to Success course, and...
Activity Completion Tools in Moodle 2.8 Usint the Activity Completion Tool in Moodle 2.8 to track student activity and create a checklist.
Creating a Folder and Uploading to Moodle This video should help students create a folder, take a screenshot, save a word document, and upload a file to Moodle.
Music Fundamentals Videos made to support Music Fundamentals / MUS 101 at Lane Community College (, in Eugene, Oregon. ENJOY!
Moodle lesson starter Tutorial for Moodle's lesson for Lane Community College faculty.
Introduction to Moodle 2 This is a short video explaining the new features in Moodle at Lane Community College, Fall 2012/ Welcome to the LCC Moodle! Please take a short tour of the frontpage and Moodle options available to you.
Reading posts in Blackboard's discussion forum If you're coming from Moodle or a discussion forum where the posts are nested or organized rationally, Blackboard 9 can be a nightmare. Here's a quick screencast of how I use Collect and sort...
Welcome to the New LCC Moodle A quick overview of LCC's new Moodle site!
Moodle Intro For Students - Course Highlights A quick screen-cast tutorial highlighting main aspects of your course and quick tips on getting acquainted with your new class!
How to Self-Enroll in Moodle Easy steps to enrolling yourself in Moodle.
Moodle Intro For Students - Logging Into Your Course Here is a quick and easy guide for students who are new to the Moodle system. It only takes a few minutes to get acquainted with the system and learn how to successfully log into your course!
NursingIntro Moodle Lane Nursing Resources Introduction.
Sisi Kate Patchwork and Stephen Downes talk about Groups and Networks WARNING : This is not a real conversation. It is intended as a good-humoured parody of conversations about Groups and Networks that took place on CCK08 and elsewhere. This video is a mashup...
HowToTCC Student ID Number How to find your Student ID Number.
Lisa M Lane lisalanesoffice at gmail - my tutorials for classes.
Intro to Lane Community College An introduction to Lane Community College.

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