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#NowWatching Down A Dark Hall
#NowReading Archival Quality by @ivynoelle (It's really fucking good, you guys!)
👍😍💕Beautiful Cover!
@CleanBandit feat @ZaraLarsson - Symphony Cover by Marsha Arradea (Audio)
#NowWatching @varsitypunks. I'm always up for a good old-fashioned sports romp & "Varsity Punks" seems to fit the b…
#NowWatching Paddleton (2019) dir. Alex Lehmann

title feels intentionally confusing but this got decent reviews ou…
#NowWatching Can you ever forgive me has finally come out in Mexico :D just in time for The Oscars woot woot
#NowWatching Easy A
Honestly, I like this movie but would like it more without the lame and forced romance shit.
#NowWatching #FreakyEaters Maple Syrup Addict... As I Drown In A Massive Pile Of Clothes I Need To Fold Up! Lmao
The Movie Mission continues with The Italian Job! 552 down, and many, many more to go!!!! #MovieMission…
#NowWatching @thrilldaplaya "Did Dat"
Feat. Swishaman Slim
Starring mykaantoinette xx_mirage_xx
#NowWatching STEPFATHER 2 (1989), or, as it was renamed for the 2009 DVD release, STEPFATHER II: MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY

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